August Felix Heid

Malerei & Photographie & Neue Medien 
Frankfurt - Germany
mobil: +49 (0)163 3105641

Bildermachen ist Spiel.
Spiel ist Anarchie.
Anarchie ist Freiheit.
Alles andere ist Politik.

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Making pictures is play.
Play is anarchy.
Anarchy is freedom.
Everything else is politics.

If someone told me to make art I wouldn’t know what to do.

I make pictures. To do so, I use oil paint and canvases, a camera and the computer.

I’m drawn to everything that feeds my five senses. They are the connection to the world. They are the world.

I haven’t been to any art school, meaning I am not burdened with theory.

Even though I’ve been interested in art as long as I can remember, I decided to pursue the art of making pictures only after years in other occupations. All the more, I enjoy being independent now.

Unlike most artists these days I am not at all interested in involving politics into art.

I focus on abstract pictures because they offer me more freedom than figurative art. This is not new in painting, but it is relatively uncommon in photography. Free photography!

Freedom does not mean randomness, coincidence or excessiveness. What I mean by freedom is the enhancement oft he aesthetic sensitivity.

Painting and photography are very different processes. Painting means I have to bring something that is inside of me onto the canvas outside. Taking a photo requires the reversed procedure. There, I have to bring something from outside to the sensor inside.

In order to find new forms, rhythms, and compositions I let the different mediums influence each other. For example, I may take a photo from a painting and use it as part of a composition on the computer. This line of work, in turn, has influence on the painting process. I compare it to improvisation in jazz. You have to know your material really well. And then you have to let go.

A picture evolves in the head of a viewer. Every viewer will see something else, depending on his or her culture, origin and experience.
I want to feed the visual senses of a viewer. Life and therefore the world is complicated and irritating at times. So are my pictures. But there is also rhythm and rhyme in all the mess. I hope the viewer will find inspiration, attentiveness, stimulation, and beauty.